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Theodora Tankers BV - "Road by Boat"

Theodora Tankers BV operates the most modern and sophisticated fleet of high-heat tankers with cargo capacities ranging from 3.600 to 8.000 tdw and services customers throughout Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, West Africa and the Caribbean. 

Bitumen, oil & chemical tanker..
IMO type II Ice Class 1A.
Fully segregated water ballast, independent cargo tanks 250ºC, double hull, closed loading system.


M/T Theodora

Dutch flag
Built by Merwede Shipyard, Netherlands 1991
Classed BV I * Hull * Mach * Aut – UMS
Oil Tanker – Chemical Tanker – ESP – Asphalt Carrier
Max Cargo Temp 250ºC, Unrestricted navigation
Ice Class 1 C 

Length over all
Length between p.p
Depth, moulded
Service speed
Type of hull

6,616 MT
110.66 m
103.00 m
17.00 m
9.36 m
7.06 m
aprx. 14 knots
double hull
  Chemical class

Cargo heating
Maximum cargo temperature 250 ºC
2 x Wiesloch 08-V2-25 Thermal oil boiler 

Bow to centre manifold = 52.4 m

2 crane 1.5 SWL x 7 m

Main engine
WARTSILA 8R 32E, 3,000 kW at 750 rpm

Aux machinery
4 x Volvo Penta TMD 122 A/KC
215 kW at 1,500 rpm 

Bow thruster
Jastram BU 40 – F 275 kW
Cargo tanks
3 x 2 wing tanks, 3 centre tanks

Cubic capacity
5,156 m³ 98%

Cargo pumps
Bornemann screw

3 x 375 m³/h
Cargo system
Closed loading
Vapour return line
Saab Tank Radar

För mera information om Theodora Tankers BV, gå till: http://www.theodora.nl/

Theodora Tankers BV, installerade vår Mighty Pure lampa MP36C(45 l/min.)för all deras dricks-och gråvatten försörjning.